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Tactical Detection K9 is a confidential Drug Detection Service for residential, school or business premises. Our Drug Detection Dogs and Certified Handlers discreetly perform drug detection sweeps of your home, business or school.  Our dogs are trained to locate the odor of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, LSD and other designer drugs. We are certified and insured.

Business K-9 Searches

Threats to your company's internal security are an ever present, ever growing challenge that calls for vigilant planning. If your business is experiencing problems with gun or bomb threats in the workplace, continuous random searches by any of our Highly Skilled Dog Teams will assist you in maintaining a safe environment for you and your employees. We also offer Drug Detection Searches with K9's trained to locate the odor of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, LSD and other designer drugs. All Certified and Insured.

  • The option of adding protection without adding costly equipment or manpower.
  • Searches during working hours, without interrupting your business, saving you costly shutdown time.
  • VIP Safety
  • Reduce Worker's Compensation Claims and time lost relating to injuries resulting from Drug Use at work.
  • Reduce lawsuits due to injuries.
  • Reduce damage to company property, i.e. vehicles, machinery, etc., due to accidents.
  • Decrease in theft and increase in productivity.
  • Develop employee awareness of the safety benefits of a drug free environment.
  • Adding this service to your overall safety program may reduce your Liability Insurance Premiums.

Advantages to your company:

Home Searches

As it is important for parents to be proactive today when it comes to teenage drug use, our Drug Detection Teen Home Inspections offer either immediate notice of a potential life-threatening problem and peace of mind. In the event of a Positive Alert by our K9 Team we will provide you with Resources and information on how to deal with your situation privately. Both the visit and the outcome are confidential.

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